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For many reasons, women may have difficulty achieving pregnancy with their own eggs. In these cases, using the eggs of another woman may drastically improve your chances of pregnancy.
Many couples who use donor eggs have attempted to become pregnant by other means. Couples who undergo IVF and do not achieve pregnancy or who repeatedly produce lower quality embryos often consider using donor eggs. Suitable egg donors may be known to you or chosen anonymously. Regardless, egg donors are screened meticulously to make sure you have the highest probability of achieving a healthy child. For details please consult your physician.
Embryo Donation
Many patients after trying to conceive on their own choose to use donor embryos. In this case, a couple whose has already conceived and has frozen embryos donates those embryos for use by another patient. Pregnancy rates can be very high. We use donated embryos from our own patients as well as from outside sources with success. We would be happy to sit down and discuss this option with you!