Semen Analysis

Abnormalities in the sperm parameters are seen in almost half of all couples with infertility. It is usually important that the male partner (if applicable) undergoes a formal semen analysis to assess sperm number and quality. We recommend a man abstains from sex for two to four days prior to testing.
The semen analysis will asses sperm number (concentration), motility (how many are moving), and morphology (the microscopic shape). A normal sperm number (concentration) is greater than 20 million/mL. At least 50% of the sperm population should be moving. Finally, the shape or morphology of the sperm is determined.
An abnormal semen analysis may be repeated. Your physician may assess hormone levels or perform genetic screening in certaion situations, especially if sperm count is very low or absent. Sometimes your physician may recommend a referral to an urologist who specializes in male infertility.
We perform semen analyses in our Staten Island Richmond Valley and our New Jersey offices Monday through Friday. Please call 718-948-6100 or 908-412-9909 for an appointment time.