Donor Eggs

The use of donor eggs has become more common over the past 2 decades. Almost 25% of all children conceived from IVF are through the use of donor eggs. Although most donor egg treatments involve anonymous egg donors, some patients choose to have a family member or friend donate their eggs (directed egg donation). Regardless of the source, egg donors are screened in an appropriate fashion. Screening includes history and physical exam, infectious disease and medical testing, genetic testing, and psychological evaluation. 

Common reasons for the use of donor egg include:

  • Poor ovarian reserve
  • Menopause or premature ovarian failure
  • Prior surgical removal of the ovaries
  • Prior IVF treatments with no viable embryos
  • A genetic disease in the female or her family
  • Single man, gay male couple, or transgender patient

Island reproductive Services has a comprehensive donor egg program with different options.

Fresh Donor Eggs

Fresh donor eggs allow for the highest pregnancy rates by creating embryos immediately after eggs are retrieved. Most embryos undergoe PGT chromosome testing.

Fresh Shared Donor Eggs

By sharing eggs with another recipient, you can reduce the cost of treatment and minimize excess embryos.

Frozen Donor Eggs

Frozen eggs can be a popular choice since the eggs are already available and ready to go. Treatment can be started very quickly.

Allow us to help guide you through this process. Each of these options may be an excellent way for you to start or grow your family. Our donor egg program is coordinated by a select team to ensure seemless care. If you are a current or new patient and would like more information, please contact our donor team by emailing Dr. Traub at

If you are a potential egg donor and would like to understand the egg donor process, please contact Sally our egg donor coordinator directly.