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1 in 8 couples struggle with fertility.

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Island Reproductive Services' mission is to provide supportive, patient-oriented services in a relaxed, non-threatening environment. Dr. Knochenhauer, Dr. Traub, and their compassionate staff are concerned about their patients and understand the emotional turmoil and stress resulting from infertility problems. After receiving patient input, treatment options are established to ensure the patient receives the best medical care based on his/her infertility needs.

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Darcie LoGuides

November 2019

Best doctor ever! Dr. Knochenhauer is very knowledgeable about his entire practice. He does not sugar coat the facts and is very honest when it comes to the possible outcome. My husband and I saw him since January 2017. He sent us both for thorough testing before anything. As a woman of advanced maternal age, […]

Fiorella Diaz

November 2019

Dr. Traub is the most amazing doctor in the world. We had so many things stacked against us. He was compassionate and understanding and was on call for my crazy questions at all times. he really understands that we, as women, are scared and anxious. Sally is a godsend and I truly want her to […]

Cathryn Antenucci

November 2019

Dr. Traub and his staff are amazing! I truly feel supported when I am feeling lost or confused with this whole process.  So much information coming at ya!  They always answer my questions, call or email me back promptly and find solutions when needed. Being on this path has been challenging but having this team […]

Valona Saka

January 2020

My experience with Dr. Knochenhaur was nothing short of amazing. I felt extremely comfortable, he was very thorough and answered all questions I wanted to know. His surgical team at Staten Island university north including, anesthesiologists, residents, and nurses were an absolute pleasure. They were very friendly made me feel safe and really made it […]

Chanel Burns

January 2020

I cannot share enough kind words about this place. When my husband and I walked in back in October (2018), we were welcomed with open arms. After having two cervical procedures, I was rushed by my oncologist to try and get pregnant ASAP as I’ve never gotten pregnant. (PCOS). At our first appointment, Dr. Knochenhauer […]

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