Donor/Third Party Reproduction

Third party reproduction is treatment that involves the use of eggs, sperm or the uterus from someone other than the intended parent(s). Treatment involves a “third party.” Third party reproduction has become more common for many reasons. Treatment may seem complicated, but in reality the treatment is the same – the source of one or more parts of the treatment is different. Third party reproduction may be used by single women, couples, same sex couples, or single men. Island Reproductive Services has a team dedicated to helping you understand your options. We will speak to you about all aspects of treatment – medical, psychological, and financial – to help tailor a treatment plan right for you. 

Donor Egg and Embryo Program

For many reasons, women may have difficulty achieving pregnancy with their own eggs. In these cases, using the eggs of another woman may drastically improve your chances of pregnancy. Our donor program allows women even in their 50’s to become parents with donor eggs.

Many couples who use donor eggs have attempted to become pregnant by other means. Couples who undergo IVF and do not achieve pregnancy or who repeatedly produce lower quality embryos often consider using donor eggs. Suitable egg donors may be known to you or chosen anonymously. Egg donors are screened meticulously to make sure you have the highest probability of achieving a healthy child. For details please consult the donor team.

DONOR EGG – Donor egg is a common treatment for women who have been unable to achieve pregnancy with their own eggs, for women who no longer have viable eggs, or for men seeking to build a family. Many varieties of treatment exist including anonymous donors and known donors. Full cycles, shared cycles and frozen egg cycles can all be tailored to meet your individual goals. Let us help you navigate the process of donor egg. Treatment is much simpler than you would imagine. Learn More

DONOR EMBRYO – Patients may have extra embryos left over from IVF after building their own family. These embryos may be donated for others’ use and may be a perfect solution for your family. Learn More

DONOR SPERM – Donor sperm is a simple treatment for single women and men who have either azoospermia (no sperm) or who have severe sperm abnormalities. It may also be used to reduce the risk of transmission of a genetic disease. 

Gestational Carrier/Surrogacy Program

This option may be used for a variety of reasons including lack of a uterus, recurrent miscarriages, lack of fertility, or to prevent worsening of an underlying medical condition by carrying a pregnancy. You may need or want to discuss this options for many different reasons. We can guide you through this process and make it easier for you. Learn More