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New life Agency Adds Yet Another Program Provider, Pharmacy Discounts to Patients with Donors  

New Life Agency is pleased to announce the addition of Island Reproductive Services to their cutting‐edge Assisted Reproduction Insurance Program® (ARI). With the addition of Island Reproductive Services, with centers in Staten Island and New Jersey, patients participating in New Life ARI coverage programs can now choose from 12 preferred providers throughout the East Coast and most of Southern California.

New Life Agency continues to build its network of participating ARI centers in their quest to bring assisted reproduction help within the reach of more and more people hoping to build a family. According to Gary Hickox, New Life CEO, the company’s revolutionary IVF insurance coverage is poised to play an even larger role than it has already.

“With the election behind us and the new Healthcare Reform ahead,” said Hickox, “it seems inevitable that what limited IVF coverage exists in only 15 states today will surely dwindle in 2014. Currently the Affordable Health Care Act does not provide coverage for infertility, and it is not listed as an ‘Essential Health Benefit’. As a result, many more couples will face the heartbreak of infertility. New Life Agency shines a bright beacon of hope, continuing to offer some of the best financial solutions in the country for the ever‐rising costs of IVF treatments, procedures and fertility medications.”

Unprecedented IVF Coverage

New Life Agency is the only company specializing exclusively in Assisted Reproduction Insurance®. The breakthrough ARI program provides a tremendous cost savings, as well as peace of mind, to patients in need of in vitro fertilization (IVF). The average cost for IVF is roughly $12,000 and generally only provides for one cycle. The use of frozen embryos is typically not included in the cost and could result in another $3,000 for a frozen embryo transfer (FET).

Couples with New Life’s ARI program pay one global fee upfront for their IVF treatments. The ARI program plans include both FET, as well as fresh cycles, and patients pay nothing else out of pocket for the entire 18-month program. Insurance, consults, fertility treatment, testing and services are included within the chosen plan.

“With each new ARI Provider that joins our program, I see this industry partnering in ways I have never seen before,” said Trish Taylor, President and Founder of New Life Agency. “We are continually asking IVF doctors and pharmacies to share the risk with us and negotiate their cash pay prices down to serve more patients that can not afford the help they need to create their family. We must all come together– centers, pharmacies and insurers like New Life – to fill the huge, heartbreaking gap of zero infertility coverage being available to patients through major medical.”

Walgreens partners, with Pharmacy Care Card®

The Fertility Pharmacy Care Card®, servicing patients for over three years, is providing patients with donors the same extreme savings in medications. Patients with donor cycles now save $100 discount for each $1,000 purchase of stimulation medication through Walgreens. It’s easy to sign-­up at There is a one-­time $25 fee for the card, offset by an added bonus: Once enrolled, patients will receive a $25 Walgreens Gift Card to use toward purchases at any Walgreens location.

Angela was stressed when her first IVF procedure was unsuccessful. “My experience with the Pharmacy Card was wonderful,” she reports. “Everyone was fast and expedited my medications needed for the second try, and the after-­hours pharmacist was amazingly helpful.” Patient Angela is now a happy mom with twin girls!

“In this economy, families already feel financial stress. Now imagine adding the stress of infertility,” said Hickox. ” It’s wonderful to be able have our company offer such huge solutions to such huge challenges. New Life is changing the face of the assisted reproduction industry by providing programs the doctors and pharmacies can participate in to demonstrate their commitment to helping patients”.

New Life Agency has created a groundbreaking array of Assisted Reproduction Insurance® products and programs. To find out more, visit

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New Life Agency provides Assisted Reproduction Insurance® for maternity, in vitro fertilization complications, intended parents, surrogates, egg donors and professional liability exclusively to the assisted reproduction medical industry since 1998. In 14 years, New Life has helped parents welcome over 1,700 babies into their families and have processed over 100,000 claims and paid over $20,000,000 in benefits. New Life Agencyis a fully licensed Surplus Lines Company in most states as a Lloyd’s of London Coverholder and underwriter offering insurance products secured and “A” rated superior security by A.M. Best, financial size XV (excess of two billion dollars). New Life Agency is a licensed full service health claims Administrator/TPA providing benefit administration services for employer groups and customer care and claims handling services exclusively to New Life Agency, Inc. New Life Agency Claims Division is dedicated to providing World Class Customer Care in claims management and administration. New Life is located at 41-750 Rancho Las Palmas Drive, Suite F-1 in Rancho Mirage, CA. For more information: 877-952-(LIFE)5433 or visit