Chanel Burns

I cannot share enough kind words about this place. When my husband and I walked in back in October (2018), we were welcomed with open arms. After having two cervical procedures, I was rushed by my oncologist to try and get pregnant ASAP as I’ve never gotten pregnant. (PCOS). At our first appointment, Dr. Knochenhauer spent almost an hour with us going over every single detail of my past, present and our hopeful future. He asked all the right questions and let us ask anything and everything we had on our mind. We knew right away we had found the right specialist and office. I had no idea what I was getting into before starting our journey but these people couldn’t have made it any easier for us. They became like family to me. From the front desk, to the ultrasound techs, to the phlebotomists. I can’t find a single fault with anything or anyone here. After 4 months of treatment we are pregnant! Everyone here held our hands the entire way through. I’ve had so many questions this entire journey and I was never rushed off of a phone call or made to feel like I wasn’t important. It makes me so sad to have to leave since we are now pregnant and move on to a regular OBGYN. But I without a doubt recommend this place to anyone trying to get pregnant that’s struggling. You absolutely will not regret it. I owe these people everything. And when it’s time for baby #2, we will be coming back here.