Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Sometimes the sperm does not reach the correct place inside of the uterus. This can be due to a number of factors. In addition, sometimes there are abnormalities of the sperm count, movement or shape that make the sperm less effective on their own. By concentrating the best sperm and placing them directly into the uterus, we can maximize your chances of becoming pregnant. This is done in the office. IUI takes only a few minutes and generally leads to no discomfort.

Preparation of the sperm can take approximately 30-60 minutes prior to the IUI. A specimen can be brought from home in a sterile container or produced at our office. Once in the office it can be stored for many hours prior to use. The sperm is separated from the fluid in the sample by our laboratory staff and then introduced into the uterus with a small thin catheter, You will need to rest for a few minutes after the procedure but otherwise you can follow your normal routine.

Insemination with donor sperm can also  be performed for single women, same sex female couples, male couple, trans-couples, or when sperm testing from a male partner is highly abnormal. Sperm is normally obtained from a private commercial sperm bank adhering to requirements for infectious disease screening.